Curator Ch. J. Fries 2012

MOMENTUM by Christian J. Fries / Tulsa, USA + Vienna , AT < Webster University > 

Here we stand on the cusp of change and transistion guided by Petronilla Hohenwarter’s celestial brush stokes of majesty and mysticism. As you begin to fall deep into the art one can only say the Petronilla leaves us in a magical trance, enamored and charmed by the trace encounters of paint left behind from her metaphysical soul, which is embodied into the canvas. This visual and physical impression imprinted in our minds, collects and continues to dig deep within our spirit. It tells us of an enchanted story of movement onto the pathway of the supernatural and self empowerment. This is the narrative told through the images exhibited at ~Artspace191 for Project Happiness. Now we will hear and read a story from the members of this show who are on display….

            When I awake from my slumberous sleeping shell of compassion and kindness, I make my decent down from the clouds onto earths beautiful landscape. I see the sun shining, blessing me, filling myself with this special feeling I represent. I feel the light of the unknown heavens fall upon my being like a golden blanket of protection, soft like moss and smooth as silk. I greet the world with a smile, with warmth in my heart, with the feeling that I could light a hundred thousand fires of forgiveness with internal love for my fellow friends and family. I can heal the world of its pains and aches through my vibrations of positivity. I take my time moving my mind around in this lucid state, greeting my other counterparts with peaceful thoughts. No words are exchanged, only healing powers flowing like the rivers cool current along the Danube. As my mind passes through these early morning stages, I feel time and space stopping, static as white noise on the television screen. This lack of movement separates me from my equilibrium. My origins are placed elsewhere, deep in my subconscious, where I am empowered by the emptiness of my soul, free to travel anywhere.  This intersection of chaos is a new rhythm for my colorful body, mind, and spirit to dance along with. My state is confused, I am so distant from my meaning of self that I feel empty, but this fragmented state helps me confront my inner forces who guide me. Silent, and steady, like a stag standing in the middle of a green pasture filled with spring foliage, I stand transformed as a new being of love and light. In this moment I feel like I have broken free from the chains of our tangible world that is filled with anger, confusion and regret. I feel like I am bigger then the worlds tallest skyscraper, travailing faster then light, sailing high above the problems of the world. I’m light as a feather but built strong like the mighty hands of Zeus. I can withstand any thing that comes my way. I am now acceding into this abyss with my mind and heart wide open. My movement is my prayer, walking along the ring of fire not afraid or fearful of being burnt or hurt, for I am one with the universe. My motion makes me strong and carries me forward. I have broken free from judgment and from myself. I have found a new path where I am blazing the trial to peace like a wildfire filled with the energy of swarming bees ready to pollinate the world with love and light. I am singular. I am circular. I am whole, I am me. 



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